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good morning, america. breaking news, the world's most dangerous terrorist is dead. anwar al awlaki, killed in an air strike this morning. >> the american-born terror mastermind, on passenger jet plots to the failed times square bombing. the number one target, taken out by a drogue. and the final play to keep amanda knox locked up for life. prosecutors tell a packed courtroom that she should stay in jail, with her family just feet away. will amanda go free? or face years in prison? the jackson trial. new details about the panicked
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moment when the doctor was screaming for help as jackson was dying. 12-year-old son, prince, and ordering his bodyguard to hide drugs. good morning. let's get right to that breaking news. anwar al awlaki, born in america. an american citizen. america's top terrorist target, is dead. a senior administration official tells us he but, quote, at the top of the kill list. and he was killed early this morning by an air strike in yemen. >> you said american-born. he was born in new mexico, rising to prominence at the english-speaking voice of al qaeda. he's been linked to a number of high-profile attacks in the u.s. >> so many. the ft. hood shooting. the failed bombing in times square. and the underwear bomber in 2009. those in ft. hood, led to many deaths. the others did fail. he was the top target.
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and our team has been tracking this story all through the night. let's start with abc's martha raddatz, who got the first word from u.s. officials that al awlaki was dead. and, martha, they have been following him for months. >> reporter: they have, indeed, george. in fact, they have looked at a particular compound where they were certain al awlaki was. this has been going on for months. they had surveillance equipment up, watching his every move. there was a lot of discussion in the last few months between the white house and the military, especially special operations forces, for exactly how to take al awlaki out. some wanted to fire cruise missiles at al awlaki, to make sure they got him. others, drone strikes or herrier jets. in may, they tried to take al awlaki out and they missed. they fired three missiles from hairier jets and from drones. and they barely missed him. at one point, they fired at the back of a pickup truck. the military sat stunned,
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watching a ball of fire come up in the back of the truck. but the truck went through the fireball and drove away. from that point on, they were able to track al awlaki. they say he never left that compound, which is why they were able to watch and make sure for months on end. >> and even though they haven't seen the body yet this morning, they are confident this is al awlaki. do we know yet? many officials saying this was a drone. can we confirm that? >> u.s. officials will not say exactly how they did hit al awlaki. it's the yemenis who say it was a drone strike. u.s. officials apparently do not have a body. they believe the yemenis may have his body. but they are totally confident, as one senior military official said to me this morning. this is a great day. >> okay, martha. thanks. let's bring in abc's chief investigator, brian ross. brian, you've been tracking al awlaki for years. and his links go all the way back to 9/11. even met with two of the 9/11
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hijackers. >> reporter: that's right, george. he was considered such a serious threat to the u.s., the president authorized deadly force against him, even though he was an american citizen. the united states has been seeking to kill or capture al awlaki, for two years. >> al awlaki is a terrorist. >> probably the most significant risk to the u.s. homeland. >> we want to neutralize him. >> reporter: born in the united states, in new mexico in 1971, anwar al awlaki went to college in colorado, before heading up mosques in san diego and virginia. he presented a calm demeanor in a 2001 "washington post" video profile. >> i mean, islam is a religion of peace. >> reporter: but only a year later, al awlaki would move to yemen, his family home, and the place where american authorities say, he began to use his internet preaching, to recruit terrorists to wage jihad against the united states. >> never underestimate the power of fear, especially when the enemy of allahu akbar is involved. >> he could take to them in an american vernacular, with arguments they understood.
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>> reporter: u.s. authorities say the accused gunman at ft. hood, major nidal hasan, killed 13 soldiers, after al awlaki provided justification for jihad in a series of e-mails. al awlaki was accused of attempting to bring down a jetliner over detroit, christmas day 2009. u.s. officials say the so-called underwear bomber was advised by al awlaki, prior to the mission. and that there were many, many more drawn to al qaeda training camps in yemen by al awlaki's message, to do battle on the united states. >> i think taking him out of the picture is a major achievement in terms of american security. >> reporter: in fact, even as he was in hiding, al awlaki was preparing his latest message for al qaeda and its monthly magazine. it showed a picture of new york city and says, targeting the populated countries at war with the muslims, george. >> because he was trying so hard to target the united states, because he had so many links to
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the united states, american officials are braced for some kind of retaliation. >> reporter: absolutely. as bin laud chb. his followers may carry out a retaliatory strike. even so, it was worth taking him out. it's a major and historic achievement in the war against al qaeda. >> you mention this is a historic achievement. and it comes in a summer when step-by-step, person-by-person, u.s. drones have taken out a number of al qaeda operatives. >> up and down the al qaeda structure. senior, major figures taken out. there's operational people left. but the major leaders are, in fact, taken out. it is a huge accomplishment. let me bring in jake tapper for more from the white house. bringing up osama bin laden taken out in may. raman, back in august. he was the top operational leader in al qaeda. now, al awlaki, the top american
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target. administration officials say this proves president obama has been leading an effective counterterrorism strike. >> reporter: that's right. and administration officials are very happy about this news. one official saying that al awlaki was very operational. and right now, if ythe u.s. put you in their sights, i'd hate to be that guy, the official said. any visibility, to be operational, you need to have some visibility, you will be found. one phone call, one e-mail, one car ride, you'll be found, unless you're in a cave, which this official said, which is where they believe zawahiri to be. and earlier the secretary said, we are within reach to strategically defeating al qaeda. >> that's true, george. we're going to move on to the closing arguments in the appeal of amanda knox. these are live pictures you're seeing right now. prosecutors say she should stay
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behind bars for life. her verdict is expected monday after she makes a final plea to the court. elizabeth vargas has been following this from the start. and she joins us live from perugia. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, robin. prosecutors are taking their last-bet shot, keeping amanda knox behind bars, defending their investigation was proper. and not the expensive p.r. machine they say the knox family has set up. they are arguing that it is that p.r. operation, and not the blising, independent dna analysis, that made an acquittal of amanda knox, a real possibility. amanda knox arrived in court this morning, pale and tense. she listened as prosecutors argued to the court to uphold the finding. this comes after the defense attorneys criticized prosecutors for a rush to judgment against her. both feel they rushed to arrest
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amanda, charge amanda, while they were collecting evidence from the crime scene. >> i think there was a rush to conclusion on this. and it was very unfortunate. but they had opportunities to fix it. and unfortunately, they didn't along the way. >> reporter: one of the most powerful moments came last evening, when one of amanda knox's attorneys pleaded with the jury to consider amman the knox's spire family. luciana garigo said look at the knox family. this is a family that has gone through so much hope and so much pain. and they want to take their daughter home. >> you're going to make me cry now. it was very touching. it was the truth. >> sovereign for this terrible tragedy. >> reporter: a family that's helping amanda knox put final touches on her final statement. are you at all nervous about this final statement that amanda's going to make? >> amanda's been thinking about it well over three months. you know, it's actually been
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very painful to listen to because she's pleading for her life. and i hope the judge and jury and everybody else that listens to it ceasees it really as her. >> reporter: prosecutors seem to be pulling out all the stops. even playing the race card. at one point, saying the third man convicted in this murder, rudy guede, as that poor blackmon, quote/unquote. the ev guede has never been in question. they've repeated their request for life behind bars and took a jab at the american judicial system saying, lucky for amanda knox, we don't have the death penalty in italy. robin? >> oh, my. thank you. we're going to bring in legal analyst, dan abrams, for this. as you heard in elizabeth's report, amanda's father thinks the statement that amanda will deliver on monday will be helpful. she's going to do it in italian. how important is this on monday? >> i think it's going to be powerful. it's going to be emotional.
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she's going to be humble. she's going to plead for her life. and in tend, i don't think it e's really going to matter. these judges and jurors say they're going to come to a quick deliberation. what does that mean? it means they've probably given each other a pretty good sense of where they're going to go with this. and her own statement probably isn't going to matter. it could hurt her if she said something wrong. if she seems callous. i can't imagine that would happen. so, in the end, despite the fact that it's going to be a theatrical and emotional moment in that courtroom, i don't think it will have a big impact on the case. >> and she will deliver it in italian, showing respect to the court. >> i'm sure it would be easier for her to do it in english. apparently her italian has become entirely fluent. and i think in a case like this, where there's so much talk about the american, and this outsider and this foreigner, for her to once again do it in italian, i think is significant. >> take us through the possible
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scenarios. >> worst-case scenario for amanda knox, they accept the prosecutor's recommendation and they up the sentence to life. very unlikely. number two would be the fact they accept the lower court sentence, 26 years. they say, we don't think fundamentally things have changed that much. number three could be all-out acquittal. and she walks out and goes home. and then, they could consider the lesser charges. but considerings already, i sus she would be released on that, as well. i know you will be back with nancy grace to discuss more on this. on monday, we'll have a special edition of amanda knox, judgment day. live in italy and here in times square. the other huge trial we're following, michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. paramedics that responded to the call are expected to take the stand today, after the bodyguard
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said what he saw in the final homes of jackson's life. and jim avila is covering all of this from the courthouse in los angeles. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you say today, prosecutors will press their case that conrad murray hid his use of propofol from authorities, the people that needed to know much, the e.m.t. technicians and the doctors at the emergency room. they never knew propofol was in use, when they tried to save michael jackson's life. this from testimony from the bodyguard and cook. chef kai chase was in the kitchen making salad, when conrad murray screams for her to get help. remarkably, the call is not for 911. but for a boy, jackson's son. >> did you think a 12-year-old child was going to be able to assist this doctor? >> i did what i was told. and i went to get prince. >> reporter: moments later, jackson's bodyguard, alberto
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alvarez arrives. and murray makes a demand. remove the i.v. bag with a look of propofol in it, and hide a handful of vials. only then, prosecutors say, did alvarez call 911. >> we have a gentleman here that needs help. and he's not breathing. >> not conscious, either? >> reporter: alvarez tells the operator, a doctor, murray, is in marge. >> he's not breathing. and we need to revive him. >> reporter: performing cpr on jackson's soft bed. >> get him on the floor. >> he was laying on his back. i observed his eyes were slightly open. and his mouth was open. >> reporter: in the middle of the turmoil, alvarez turns to discover jackson's upset children. >> paris screamed out, daddy. >> when you heard paris scream out, daddy, was she crying? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the chef, kai chase, says the whole house,
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from the three jackson children to the staff is crying. >> the next thing we did, we started hugging. and we came together. and we held hands. and we started praying. >> reporter: a day the mild-mannered chef still cannot forget. >> my heart is still broken. it was a very devastating day. to me. >> reporter: and today, more critical testimony. first up, the paramedics. george? >> okay, jim. thanks very much. let's bring in josh elliott for today's top stories. good morning, josh. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with a remarkable story of survival. a 67-year-old man found alive after crashing his car and spending six days trapped in what you can see there, the bottom of a 200-foot ravine. even more remarkable, it was his family who found him. abc's david wright is in the hospital in southern california where he is recovering at this hour. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, josh. you know, his family never gave up hope. they went through surveillance
7:16 am
tapes and routes. they tracked down his cell phone records. they did an incredible job searching for him. and it's a miracle story of survival. a senior citizen, trapped for six days, after crashing his car into a ravine in the dead of night. 200 feet below this twisting, turning road in southern california, a miracle. >> we stopped at every ravine and looked over every hill. and then, my brother got out of the car. and we kept screaming. and the next thing we heard dad say, help, help. and there he was. >> reporter: 67-year-old david lavau, found alive in the wreckage of his crashed car, by his children, who had launched their own search party, refusing to believe their dad was gone. >> my dad would never not call his kids. there's four of us. and by the time, the fourth day and then the sixth day, we knew something was wrong. >> reporter: lavau apparently lost control while driving home last friday.
7:17 am
perhaps blinded by bright headlights. a second car found next to his in the ravine. that driver, not so lucky. making it all the more remarkable that havau didn't meet the same fate. >> it's somewhat unusual for someone to survive in these circumstances and come out as stable as he is. he didn't suffer life-threatening juries, despite a horrendous accident and fall. >> he's been living on water from the stream and leaves. >> reporter: the powerful result of one man's will to survive and one family's refusal to give up hope. he managed, actually, to build a camp at the base of that ravine, even though he had suffered multiple rib fractures, a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm and multiple fractures in his back. apparently the first words to his daughters when they found him was to ask for a glass of chocolate milk. josh? >> and you can have it, good
7:18 am
sir. thank you, david. new indications this morning that finding a job is about to get harder. only one-third of ceos, 36% of them, say they plan to hire workers in the next month. and bank of america customers may be thinking twice about using their debit cards to buy anything. the bank has announced plans to charge $5 a month for that privilege. many banks are adding fees as new financial regulations kick in tomorrow. that is a look at the headlines at the hour, guys. >> all right, josh. thanks very much. >> just outrageous. >> i know. they just keep getting worse. >> spend my own money. let's say happy friday morning. happy friday. >> robin, george, josh, happy friday to you. love the survival story. that is such an inspirational story for the day. let's show you what's going on with the cold air. let's get the rain out of the northeast and the great lakes. unfortunately it comes with the price of cold air. it is brutally cold this morning around the great lakes. chicagoland, about 41 degrees
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for tonight's low temperature. lexington, 39. all of this brings you dry air. but there's a secondary low forming here, which means more rain for the northeast by the time we get into saturday. enjoy your mostly dry friday. here's where you can enjoy the dry. 85% of texas is in the severe drought they say could last five to ten years. widely-scattered showers in central texas today, and later in southern texas tonight.
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>> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. robin? george? josh? >> wish people could see. oh, that's right. people can see. and coming up on "gma," more on the two, big trials we're tracking. michael jackson's doctor and amanda knox. our crack legal team, dan abrams, nancy grace, weighing in. one of hollywood's golden couples headed for a big split.
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.. we are slowing down, topside, and west side, of the beltway. we do have some volume in both directions on northwestside near 795. a look at old court road. the inner loop to the left of the screen. the volume right now. outer loop is moving better. 895, back open after an earlier incident near exit 9. and the broken down car at the
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harbor tunnel is now gone. >> thanks, tonya. this morning we will learn the results of the high school assessments force student performance in the state. the state board of education will release the results at 10:00 this morning. for the graduation class of 2011. and the report includes graduation rates, school improvements. and progress in high school. this new data is important because it shows what is happening on a national level in education. baltimore city school ceo dr. andre velanzo will release his results at 11:00 a.m. for baltimore city schools. we will have a weather update in about 30 minutes. let's head back to new york for "good morning america." have a great day. i'm a curious seeker.
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congratulations inflamed uvula.ed . i'm virginia.virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.. those are live pictures from the italian courtroom, where right now prosecutors arguing that amanda knox should stay behind bars for life. she's going to have her chance to address the court monday. she will do it in italian. our legal team, dan abrams, nancy grace, going to weigh in on this trial. and we'll have the latest on hollywood supercouple, demi moore and ashton kutcher. a lot of speculation about their marriage. they're taking it to twitter as they often do. and i have to tell you, george. demi was here last week, with alicia keys and jennifer aniston, promoting a show they're going to begin next
7:31 am
week. i asked about ashton and the new show. appeared that everything was fine. >> the tweets are getting very mysterious. >> yes, they are. also, we have something else this morning called the angelina factor. what will harvard think of next? they have come up with a study that proves that beautiful women have special powers. not superpowers. but this is a fascinating study. >> come on. superpowers? >> special powers. >> okay, special. okay. >> that beautiful women have special powers. serious. >> nice save. nice save with that. we'll get into that. i was kicking him under the table. that's later. right now, we get back to the two, big trials that we have been following. so many eyes on what's happening in los angeles and italy. we have our team to weigh in on both of the cases. first, the latest on where both of the trials are right now.
7:32 am
from los angeles, california, to perugia, italy, all eyes are focused on two, major trials captivating international attention. one involving the king of pop. the other, an american college student. just getting under way, the trial of dr. conrad murray. his personal doctor, at michael jackson's bedside, when he died. the past three days have given us an extraordinary inside look at jackson's final days, hours and minutes before his death. from jackson's personal assistant, to his bodyguard. his inner circle has described a specific timeline in such detail about what happened when jackson stopped breathing in his bed. his children, in the doorway, watching everything. a continent away, in a small town of perugia, amanda knox, charged with the murder of her roommate, is just days away from learning whether she'll go free or continue life behind bars in an italian jail. the lawyers are making the final case for her immediate release, saying she's an innocent girl,
7:33 am
quote, crucified in the media. prosecutors have called her, well, a she-devil. on monday, before the final verdict, it will be amanda's turn to speak to the court. a chance to plead for her freedom. let's bring in nancy grace, host of hln's "nancy grace." and our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams, is with us again. so much we've heard in dr. conrad murray's trial. emotional testimony. want to get a sense, what's your take so far in this case? >> well, i think that the first thing the prosecution did, while it was shocking to many court watchers, showing the dead body of michael jackson was unfortunately necessary. the state has taken a lot of flak for that. but let me remind everybody, this is a homicide trial. and the state has a big burden
7:34 am
to carry. so far, we've heard a lot of emotional testimony surrounding how michael jackson died. the scenario, the room. his children coming into the room, seeing their father lying there in death. screaming, daddy, daddy. and it really hit hard with this jury. >> and i think, actually, the most important witness we've seen today was probably the one we saw yesterday, who was alberto alvarez. why? up to this point, we've been hearing about what dr. murray didn't do, what he could have done, what he might have done. why didn't he call 911? he was frantic. now, we're hearing about the fact that alvarez is saying, he literally tells him to take the vials and put them in the bags, which shows you at least dr. murray knew there was a problem. at the very least. >> oh, yes. >> if not a lot worse than that. so, now, you don't just have what he didn't do. you have what he did -- >> dan, you should really call it what it is. it's not a problem. it's called a cover-up.
7:35 am
a cleanup of the scene, where before he even calls 911, he is trying to clean up vials. he's trying to clean up an i.v. that was in jackson's ankle. he is trying to get rid of all sorts of evidence. and immediately after jackson's pronounced dead, he goes, i'm hungry. let's go eat, everybody. >> let's move on, now, to the amanda knox case, you two. and we're saying that it's possible she could walk free on monday. nancy, just weigh in on this. what do you think's going to happen on monday? >> well, from what i understand, in italian law, and i think covering it very carefully, i think there's a very good chance that this appeals court is going to let her walk. and we will know by tuesday. then, regardless of who wins or loses, it can be appeals up to the italian supreme court. and what's interesting about this appeals process is they
7:36 am
have brought in testimony, regarding the original trial. they brought in evidence from experts about dna. it's a very unusual system. >> this is effectively a new trial. we have to remember that. here, what ordinarily would happen is, if the defense was going to win, they would get a new trial. let's order a new trial in the lower court. we'll hear the evidence again. here in the appellate court, they've retried the case. they retried the evidence. they retested -- had dna experts come in and undermine much of the dna testimony. you don't need a new trial. if this appellate court comes in and says they are done. >> you may call it undermining the dna evidence, dan. but they said the dna may have been rye bread. i'm not buying that. but her dream sequence, she was awake. she had a daymare, that she was in the apartment with the girl and heard meredith kercher
7:37 am
screaming. a daymare? >> why do you think she'll be released? >> why do i think? because of american/italian relations. that's why. >> what do you mean by that? >> nothing to do with justice. >> what do you mean by that, nancy? >> i think there's a lot of pressure to let amanda knox go. i think as dan did point out, there was dna evidence. but there was very little dna evidence. and in light of that, even in light of amanda knox saying she had a daymare, she was there during the murder, in her waking hours, i think they may let her go. >> you think basically, the prosecutor, you think the court is corrupt. they're not going to base it on the evidence. they're going to base it on politics? if i heard you correctly. apparently i've been misstating things all morning. i want to make sure i'm getting this one right. >> no. i said there's very little dna evidence. and they may choose to accept the defense experts as a basis
7:38 am
to let her go. that's exactly what i think. i think they may let her go. >> if this is a case based on was amanda knox at the house at the time this happened? prosecutors would have a much stronger kiss of was she involved in the murder? >> her dna on the murder weapon. her dna on the murder weapon. >> that's the dna that was undermined. that's the dna that was -- i didn't mean to use the word undermined again. but that was the dna undermined. >> you win. it was rye bread on the knife point. >> that's the thing i'm jealous about. i wanted to be nancy's partner on "dancing with the stars." when i heard she had a different partner, i was very frustrated. >> this is what we're feeling. >> i challenge you, abrams, to a danceoff. >> i want to dance with nancy. not a danceoff. >> and nancy will be back later to chat about that "dancing with the stars." in the meantime, my dance
7:39 am
partner, at all of our christmas parties, sam champion. >> i will clear the floor here. i will run to the television set. if it was legal, i would gamble on that. let's get to it. show you what's going on this morning. how about snowshowers in some zones in new england, by the time we get into saturday night, sunday morning. it's possible in the catskills. in comes the cold air. it will dry things out momentarily. then, we have a hook low that will spin some moisture back in. philadelphia, in the same direction. that's the kind of cold air that settles in there. right in the middle of the country, drops this cooler air and goes down into northern florida there. and on the west coast, we've got kind of a nice couple of days here in the northwest, for the next couple of days.
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in money-saving coupons at and now, have supercouple ashton kutcher and demi moore
7:44 am
split? the gossip is swirling. only the two of them know for sure. but their twitter feeds are telling quite a tale. chris connelly has been following all of it. >> reporter: the report of an extramarital encounter. and ashton kutcher took to twitter on thursday afternoon, with an oh snap straight out of high school. when you assume to know that which you know nothing of, you make a blank out of you and me. the day before, 34-year-old ashton had linked to an '80s track by public enemy called "don't believe the hype." >> reporter: meanwhile, demi, who tweets under the name mrs. kuchar, has been more mysterious in her musings. i see through you, is how she captioned this photo, after the couple spent their wedding anniversary amart. no old-school rap for demi. on september 23rd, the day before their anniversary, the
7:45 am
siren busted out a quote from one of the greek stoics. when we are offended at any man's fault, turn to your own. and then, you will forget your anger. well, good luck with that. >> ashton and demi are a couple known for tweeting loving things to each aer and about each other. lately, since they haven't been doing it, it's been raising eye brews. >> reporter: earlier in the month, she tweeted this picture in the mirror, with the message, remember, you've got your own back. and this at time, we give it away, with our power. but it's there wherever we are. a breakup would be a bummer for the millions who enjoyed seeing them, as they managed two high-profile careers. now ashton, as charlie sheen's replacement on "two and a half men." >> hi. it's me. i want you to know that i've just thrown myself in the ocean because i can't live without you.
7:46 am
>> reporter: in the wake of the whispers, it's yet to be seen if this relationship will continue to flourish. one marked from the start by genuine affection, as demi expressed in the second year of their marriage. >> outside of the children, there is no one i would rather spend time with. if i have free time, i want to be with ashton. even if it's laying in bed reading. >> we were unable to reach ashton or demi moore for comment. i hope this whole thing blows over. but it's amazing the power of twitter these days. you can follow it in real-time somehow. >> that's probably how we will find out the final answer. >> it would appear. coming up, the first lady sneaks out for a few bargains. find it all about it when we come back.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
first lady michelle obama has often said one of the down sides of living in the white house is not being able to get out and go shopping. not a problem yesterday. take a look at who visited a
7:51 am
target in suburban washington. >> love that lady. >> a little in cog neato. ball cup. sunglasses. you have to get your missoni apparently. there happened to be a news photographer there, camera in hand. we should point out, the secret service got there about a half hour prior to make sure everything -- >> i think it's a question. >> what do you think? accidental photo op? >> this is just a friday. coming up, why research is saying that you can be literally addicted to a beautiful woman. saying that you can be literally addicted to a beautiful woman. come on back. it's always having a reason,] from the smallest details to the big decisions. and putting everything through everything before we stand behind anything. doing things right has always defined what we do.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
we have a mild start this morning. this is glenn oak. liking at basically a partly cloudy skaoá across the-- across the area. temperatures are 60 degrees with a light south/southwest win. that direction is important to help bring in warmer temperatures. edgemere and glendale, 60s. and 50s glenn reicin and mount airy. and the clouds are breaking up across the mountains.
7:57 am
this is one of the fronts where we're stepping backwards in terms of the boundaries with the air mass and temperatures. a little surge of cool air and delayed behind the bound are boundary until we get to tonight. and enjoy what we have. partly cloudy skies. and 75 around town. for the two degree guarantee. a small hans that the boundary that should be cry for most of us will re-develop storms on eastern shore. tonight, 48. showers tomorrow morning. and highs stuck in the 50s all weekend. tonya? >> 95 north, near washington boulevard. we have an accident reported in the left lane. there are some slight delays there. a live look at the beltway. this is at old court road. just south of 795. inner loop is the one that has most of the volume right now. outer loop to the right is moving well. slow from bellaire road to york road. and then down near edmonton. and a major delay should end around there. and taking a look at the jfx at northern parkway, doing great today and a little bit of volume northbound, to the right of the
7:58 am
screen, and southbound to the right of the screen and northbound is running fine at northern parkway. and at cold spring, still pretty light traffic. it is moving very well. as you make your way southbound to the 44th street overpass and it is a little bit better and then north avenue as you make your way downtown, you're doing just fine. back to new york.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] what a friday morning crowd we have with us here at times square. that is nancy grace. and her partner, tristan macmanus, quick-stepping in the ballroom. len gave them an eight. he doesn't give out eights like that. and there's a controversy. >> watch out, tristan. dan abrams is out to get you. also, "doc at your door" is back. dr. richard besser went back to college. how about going back to your first year dormroom?
8:01 am
>> no in. >> freshman dormroom? >> i had a roommate that left a hot plate pan throughout the christmas break. >> my mom would make me cookies. and she would open and eat them. >> your roommate? >> that's charming. >> why i'm not a supermodel. these women are. and we're going to talk about why when a man looks at a beautiful woman, it affects them like a drug. it really does. they've proven it now. is angelina addictive? we will explain ahead. >> that is a tease. josh, how about the news? >> tough to follow that. we have lots to get to. we begin with new details at this hour on the killing of anwar al awlaki. the american-born al qaeda leader, described in some corners as the most dangerous man in the world. he was the man behind several plots here in the u.s., including that foiled plot to blow up a plane over detroit last christmas. abc's martha raddatz has more,
8:02 am
now, on how u.s. intelligence hunted him down in yemen. martha? >> reporter: good morning, josh. the u.s. was able to take out al awlaki in some sort of air strike hours ago. they had been tracking the terrorist for months. they knew he had been living in a particular compound. they had been watching that compound. there was discussion whether to use cruise missiles or a drone strike. it's not certain in the end what they did use. although the yemenis say it was a drone strike. there was a near miss in may, when al awlaki got away. three missiles were fired at him. but he was able to drive away in a convoy. u.s. officials say he had not been in a convoy since. he has been sitting in that compound. josh? >> thank you, martha. meanwhile, al awlaki's death is seen as important if not more important than the killing of osama bin laden. pierre thomas joins us live to explain why. pierre? >> reporter: josh, u.s.
8:03 am
officials say you can't overstate the importance of al awlaki's killing. even before osama bin laden was killed last may, al awlaki was described to me by the highest levels of government, as a more clear and present danger. he was at the top of the target list because he had emerged as a powerful voice for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. a key driver to strike at the u.s. repeatedly, on a smaller scale, to get on the scoreboard. he was directly involved in executing the 2009 christmas day underwear bomb attack. and supported the 2010 plot, targeting u.s. carriers. al awlaki, an american, was extremely dangerous because he understood american culture. he was also a fierce advocate in using the internet to radicalize. and he's come up repeatedly in investigates of homegrown radicals more than any other figure. >> because of the motivational powers, we could see security
8:04 am
here because of concerns about revenge attacks. pierre thomas, appreciate it. it could be a key day in the trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray. the paramedics that responded to the 911 will testify, that murray didn't tell them he had used propofol. the bodyguard said he had asked him to remove vials and an i.v. bag before calling 911. now, to another trial, this one in italy. the verdict in the appeal of amanda knox's murder conviction, is not expected until monday, until she gets a final chance to make a personal statement. but as we speak, prosecutors are making their last shot at keeping her behind bars for life. abc's elizabeth vargas has been covering this throughout. is at the courthouse and joins us now, live, in perugia. what's happening in court today, elizabeth? >> reporter: prosecutors are giving their best shot, josh. arguing that amanda knox could
8:05 am
stay behind bars for the rest of her life. they're defending their investigation, and pleading with the judge and jury not to discount this very disputed dna to clarify, it is two independent court-appointed experts who concluded that the dna evidence was contaminated or nonexistent. the same experts say that the knife that the prosecutor says was the murder weapon, likely was not. the prosecutor said, please don't overturn this conviction. if you do, amanda knox will flee abroad and justice will not be served. of course, the defense gets to get up and make its case, as well. josh, back to you. >> indeed. elizabeth vargas in perugia, back to you. and now, to a terrifying ordeal for a 6-year-old boy in boca raton, florida. he tripped and fell below a car. people had to lift the car off of the boy.
8:06 am
doctors had to reattach his year. but doctors said the little guy is otherwise doing okay. a dramatic scene caught on camera in maryland. an ambulance bursting into a ball of flames. the explosion blowing off the roof. thankfully, no one was inside. it's believed that an oxygen tank had become loose and set off the explosion. now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. and tonight, you will meet a teacher who found a whole second act in her life. dogs. she loved dogs. and it led her to a completely new chapter in her life. you'll see it all unfold tonight on "world news." have a great weekend. >> you, as well, diane. see some pop news unfold, shall we? >> let's do that. in the world of creative marriage proposals, this one is up there on the list. dancing couple, jayna love and valerie, when love joins in a flash mob, set to the song
8:07 am
"marry me" by bruno mars. valley looks on in delight. she realizes what's going on, when her boyfriend of six years gets down on bended knee, presents an engagement knee and asks her to marry him. of course, she said yes, after all that effort. and we say good luck topping that one. really crazy. the whole video is very moving. they say slow and steady wins the race. nowhere is that more accurate than the tulsa zoo's annual tortoise run. it's a crawl. for the second year, a 5-year-old named flash runs away with the title. aspired to push it to the limit by a slice of orange on a string. he easily beats the competition. here's a little-known fact for you all, though. the average speed for a tortoise, they walk on average, a tenth of a mile an hour. no instant replay needed. >> how long does it take? >> the race began last friday. >> it's still going on. the next time you feel the
8:08 am
need to belt out "ymca" or "living on a prayer," sam champion, there's a scientific reason behind it. the popular songs all have the same four key elements that you cannot resist. robin's doing it right now, everybody. male singers with a high range are among those four key elements. and his song was voted the catchiest of all-time. brian may said, it's proven, then. we truly are the champions. >> it's amazing. >> i know. all right, now, it's the supermodel science we've been telling you all about. researchers have in fact proven the power of a beautiful woman, like beyonce, on men, is so strong, it literally affects their brains like cocaine. the study out of harvard university said women with big eyes and lips, small chin, like
8:09 am
angelina. there she is, rosie. triggers the same rewards center in the brain as a narcotic does. rosie huntington-whiteley considered one of the most addictive women of all. and based on the victoria's secret catalog that women never see, we can confirm that. >> can you confirm that? >> i didn't realize i was addicted to angelina jolie. i have a massive problem to deal with. >> the power of cocaine? >> between the music keys and the supermodel, researchers have time on their hands. >> they want to talk about it. i feel these are the things that we women, we knew all this already. but thank you, harvard. >> for confirming it. i'll bet sam's out there somewhere. sam? >> giant crowd in times square. folks, robin, george, josh, lara, a lot of folks have showed up to see you in times square.
8:10 am
good morning, gang. where are you from? >> louisville, kentucky. >> robin tweeted that you guys are here. you're here for the game tonight. >> yes. detroit. >> which is -- what city is the game in? >> detroit. no. new york. new york. >> and so, we think there's a little chance of showers. but mostly dry and cool. are you guys okay with that? >> yeah. >> all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning as you step outside your doors. we'll show you our look live in new orleans this morning. sure, it's humid now. it's been hot and humid for a while. but down comes the cold front. and by tonight, out goes the humidity. it feels so much better. look at the numbers. 76 on sunday. the biggest change, just the drop in humidity. all the way to orlando, that front will go. that's a good sign. 96 in vegas. 81 in atlantic city. it's beautiful right here in new york city.
8:11 am
>> just making sure all the signs are right side up. and we're live in times square. lara? >> a great crowd. thank you, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." a few days until nancy grace is back in the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." she and her partner, tristan, are live with us, coming up. and dr. richard besser heads back to school. between the sleeping and the snacking, it's no wonder there was that old freshman 15. surprised it's not 20. i think it was 20. anyway, what you need to know to keep your college kid healthy.
8:12 am
and our chris cuomo joins the kiddie cabinet at grammer school. he may have found our next president. and she is already campaigning, coming up on "gma." [ beeping ] ♪ hush, little baby ♪ don't you cry ♪ soon the sun ♪ is going to shine ♪ [ male announcer ] toyota presents the prius family. ♪ walk if i want, talk if i want ♪ [ male announcer ] there's the original one... the bigger one... the smaller one... and the one that plugs in. they're all a little different, just like us. [ woman ] we didn't know where to go next with eric's adhd. his stimulant medicine was helping, but some symptoms were still in his way. so the doctor kept eric on his current medicine
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8:16 am
walgreens. there's an everyday way to well. many have been cheering on nancy grace in the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." she pulled off a big turnaround this week, with a quick-step that impressed the judges, even len. and she's been rehearsing hard all week with her partner, tristan. we're going to talk to them live in los angeles in just a minute. first, take a look. we know her as the
8:17 am
hard-hitting -- >> and now, they're saying they didn't know anything about it. not going to fly. >> reporter: outspoken. >> i don't expect people to like what i've got to say. >> reporter: tell it like it is. >> they have proven nothing that they set out in the opening statement. >> reporter: legal commentator. but now, on "dancing with the stars" -- >> all things considered, i think we did pretty well. >> reporter: this legal diva is cha-chaing and quick-stepping her way into america's heart. >> how refreshing. it was a proper quick-step. well done. >> reporter: with a few jokes. >> has anyone ever told you kind of sound like a leprechaun a little bit. >> reporter: and some tears. >> i thought crewing up the cha-cha. >> reporter: then, on monday, an alleged wardrobe malfunction during the quick-step. grace took to twitter, denying the charge. saying she wears, quote, an industrial-strength bra. and going on "access hollywood"
8:18 am
to set the record straight. >> when i did that backwards thing, i think there was a seismic shift. but i do not think there was a wardrobe malfunction. >> reporter: but no matter what she is or is not wearing -- ♪ >> dancing the cha cha cha. >> reporter: nancy grace is proving she can bring it in the courtroom and the ballroom. >> i'm not the youngest or the prettiest or the skinniest in this bunch. but i would say i have the most heart. let's bring in twinkle toes herself. our good friend, nancy grace, and her dancing partner, tristan macmanus. it has been so much fun, these past two weeks, watching you both on the dance floor. let's get something out of the way so we can talk about your dancing. i'm going to use some legal
8:19 am
jargon. we heard you say to "access hollywood" you didn't believe it was a wardrobe malfunction. after reviewing the evidence, would you like to recant that testimony? >> no. not at all. that's my story. and i'm sticking to it. now, whatever everybody wants to say, have at it. but no. absolutely not. >> pleading the fifth. >> robin, you'd have to see all of the precautions that "dancing with the stars" takes, so that sort of thing doesn't happen. and i'm just really surprised that a bra accident would make headlines. i really am. >> it made headlines all across the world, it seems. but you were a good sport about it. and it doesn't take away for one moment what you and tristan -- tristan, when you saw len give you guys an eight and say it was a true quick-step, your heart must have gone pitter patter hearing that, tristan? >> it but pretty good, all right. we were looking for an eight all
8:20 am
the time from everybody. we were delighted to get our first one. and hopefully, the first of many. >> i like having nancy on your arm, as your partner, tristan. >> not really now. yeah. it's great. we're getting on well. we're working hard together. and, yeah. >> you know what, robin? last night, when you were kicked back, having a little, you know, latte at about 9:00, with your feet up, we were still in the rehearsal hall working until 9:30 last night. when i got home, my twins were already asleep. so, we've been putting in a lot of hours on our next dance. a lot. >> and you know what? it shows, nancy, and tristan. it really shows. you're taking it seriously. you're having fun with it. but you're taking it seriously. and you look great. what has it been -- i know you've watched the show from
8:21 am
afar. but being a part of it, nancy, what's it like to be in the competition? >> it's unlike anything i ever expected. i knew it would require a lot of work. but it's grueling, sometimes five to eight, over eight hours of practice a day. you don't just get out there and do the quick-step like that without intensive preparation. but it's actually fun. and really, i couldn't expect a better instructor than tristan. but i got to tell you, the grunt level is really going up in rehears rehearsals. every time i make a mistake, he goes -- and moves me in the right place. and i'm not looking. and i hear him go -- >> nancy's a dancer now. nancy's a dancer now. i'm going to treat her that way. and the response is this. i can hear that. >> well, you're both great sports about it.
8:22 am
you've been fun to watch. have a great weekend. and we'll see you on monday, because you see nancy and tristan and the competition -- >> i accept sympathy votes. >> you heard her. sympathy votes are accepted. 8:00, 7:00 central on monday, george. now, it's "doc at your door" time. that's when our chief medical adviser, dr. richard besser, is coming to you. and he's going back to school. the new term is getting started in colleges across the country. check out what rich found in dormrooms and dining halls. >> with summer in the rear-view mirror, thousands of budding adults have left home, packing their bags for college. and i'm heading there, too. this does it. i used to know all this stuff. not anymore. i remember those days. college i.d., check. books. check. cash? time to ask mom and dad for money. what about the other stuff that college students face?
8:23 am
anxiety, stress, sleep deprivati deprivation. let's go to boston university's warren towers. so, do you think i'll blend in? >> oh, yeah. i thought you were a student when you walked in. >> really? >> yeah. >> i'm rich besser from "good morning america." can i talk to you? >> these opportunities were quick to tell me their fears. >> really intimidating. >> i've heard horror stories of people hating their roommates. >> what if you wake up to this? does she snore? >> no. >> do i snore? >> jen snore? no? >>. >> reporter: the serious thing about dorm life, germs. dorms spread colds. and it loves freshmen and dorm life. but students are more worried about what's on the shower floor. would you ever use the shower without shower shoes? >> no. >> reporter: what about the freshman 15? on average, how many pounds does
8:24 am
a freshman gain? >> 15. >> reporter: 15. it's three. that's right. the freshman 15 is a myth. endless buffet and new freedom. listen to what this freshman ate for lunch. >> pizza, and pasta. and before that, i had turkey and more pasta. and the broccoli. >> reporter: after this, will there be another? >> ice cream. >> reporter: that adds up to 2,000 calories. that's what an active 18-year-old should eat in an entire day. here's what the meal should look like. how do you think you did? >> terrible. >> reporter: how did you with your plate? >> not very well. >> reporter: how about yours? >> i did terrible. >> reporter: let's talk to the freshmen in the gym. are you a freshman? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: freshman? junior? freshman?
8:25 am
no? hi. are you a freshman? >> no. a junior. >> reporter: are you a freshman? >> yes, i am. >> orter: you are a freshman. i finally found one. >> i actually planned my classes in the morning on purpose so i could have wake-up time to do my homework in the afternoon. >> reporter: janet gets a gold star. exercise keeps the weight off and reduces stress and anxiety. so does sleep. missing just one hour of sleep a night can affect concentration and mood. the big worry, depression. what are the warning signs? >> not going to class. being clingy. going out to parties in an unsafe manner. >> reporter: jenna and zoe are second-year resident advisers who have seen it all firsthand. like the dangers of binge drinking. >> for when you go out, although, we can't condone that. >> reporter: some comfort for parents who may feel like
8:26 am
they're sending their kids into the wild. what would you say to parents? >> know your own child. >> i'm a senior. and i call my parents every day. >> reporter: when they do call, tell them a little exercise and a little sleep couldn't hurt. the best part of college, that this eventually turns into this. the worst part? it's only four years. and we want to thank boston university for all the great help they gave us in putting the report together. going back to college was so much fun. but it reminded me, george, my son's about to go up to school. and it's a transition for parents, as well as for kids. >> yeah. i can only imagine. you had some real hair back in college. >> i did. big, big hair. fashion don't. one of the things from college. >> if they pull up all of our pictures from if '70s and '80s. coming up, big challenge from "the chew." five minutes. no idea what they're cooking.
8:27 am
good morning 8:27. here we go. 59 in baltimore. 60s to the north and south. a push of clouds came through this morning and a warm 68 in ocean city. eastern shore, you may be locked in nor for -- for a good shot of some showers. the moisture may re-develop crossing the bay this afternoon. the cold air coming in tomorrow morning. it will mean some business. and 75 for us today. a small chance of a storm in the afternoon. mainly east of the bay bridge. and to the lower eastern shore. tonight, 48. we're looking for showers towards day break. stuck in the 50s through the
8:28 am
weekend. >> an accident, 95 northbound, before washington boulevard, it is over on the shoulder now. slow spots in areas but a lot of the delays are dissipating. let's take a live look at the beltway at old court road. this is actually an improvement. the outer loop to the right of the screen is moving much better now. it could be stop and go off and on toward edmonton. and outer loop at harford road, as you can see on the right of the screen. that is moving now. that had been stop and go to providence road. there is some slowdowns, 95. this morning, police are searching for three men who forced their way into a home pretending to be officers. it happened in the 2800 block of hilldale avenue. that's in the park heights area. we're told that the men restrained two people who were home and then ransacked the house. one of the victims broke free and tried to confront one of the men and he was shot in the face. and we will have more weather updates coming up in about 30 minutes. but for now, let's head back to
8:29 am
new york for "good morning america." have a great day.
8:30 am
♪ look around the ground ♪ ♪ and the sky is a hazy shade of winter ♪ can't wait to get outside and join the crowd. what you're listening to, "hazy shade of winter" by the bangles. they will be live here next week, during "gma's" totally awesome '80s week. we also have a "growing pains" reuninon. and it's going to be awesome, george. >> it certainly is. got to see some hair. and check it out right here. senior producer -- >> circle her. >> where are you? >> uh-huh. on the bottom left. there you go. i wish we could go to the
8:31 am
control room now. she had a shorter do. we all do. and we want you to go back home and submit a photo of your craziest look on our facebook page. you can join us and be as embarrassed as we are. >> i've seen yours. >> that's just a sampling. flock of seagulls. >> it wasn't bad. it was the whole look. >> i have a doily on it. it was drop waist. yeah. our executive producer just looked at me and said, wow. on tuesday, we'll have all of them posted. you can vote for your favorite. and we'll reveal the top three vote-getters on friday morning and probably laugh a little at you. now, we go to josh, who probably had an afro. he's on military island. >> no. it was just volcanic. bad hair days. we are here for our first-ever "gma"/"the chew" grab bag
8:32 am
challenge. one team will go home victories you. other here, team robin, carla hall and clinton kelly. over here, team george, with michael symon and daphne oz. what's in these bags? everybody finds out when our chefs do. final for bringing america back. our special abc news series when we report on how everyday americans are coping on the tough economy and finding ways to get our country back on track. our first installment on "gma," "20/20" co-anchor is here with some of our youngest citizens. you went back home. >> i did. >> to immaculate conception grade school. >> we all know everyone's having a tough time. who is telling what's good and what's bad in your lives? we will be. we will be talking to adults. but it's just as important to know what's going on with kids in america today. how do they see their futures?
8:33 am
how do they see what's going on? i decided to go back to school myself. a little painful. but we went back to elementary cool to talk to some kids. take a look. it was great to be back at immaculate cononception. but little did i know they had a surprise in store. i was there to learn from kids in second, third and fourth grades. who has dreams about their future? what do you want to go when you grow up? >> i want to be a singer. >> i want to be a scientist. >> i want to be a doctor. >> a pilot. >> i want to be a president. >> reporter: so, you want to be president of the united states? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: think you're smart enough? >> yes. >> reporter: think you're strong enough? >> yes. >> reporter: pretty enough? >> yes. >> reporter: you are pretty enough. but i don't know if i'm going to vote for you. why should i vote for you? >> i would ask the rich people to give some of the money to government. and i would ask the government
8:34 am
to give the people who really need the money. >> reporter: who is voting for her when she grows up? oh, yeah? i represent the rich people. i don't want to give more money. >> well, you're greedy. >> reporter: i'm greedy? who knows somebody that doesn't have a job? >> my mom's brother. >> my mom's friend. she has a newborn baby. and she has two kids to work for. sometimes i go to the house and help her with everything. >> reporter: very nice. who has heard that people are afraid of losing homes? why are people afraid of losing their homes? >> because they don't have enough money. and they have to pay the rent. how do we bring america back? >> it would be better if more things were made in the u.s. when you look at where it says it's made, we can be happier that it's made in the u.s. >> i like that. that's good. >> we complain more instead of paying the minimum wage. >> save more money. >> reporter: save more money.
8:35 am
who knows what a tax is? you'll know even better when you get older. who thinks it's hard to spend more and save more at the same time? too confusing? if you have a cookie, and i ask for half a cookie, how do you feel? >> i would be happy because i have the regular cookie. if it's the size of a regular cookie, you give one cookie. >> reporter: that's a genius idea. here's why. if you have more of things, people are more willing to share. does that make sense? >> yes. >> reporter: so, the question becomes, how do we make more money, more things, in the united states so we have more to share? what can we make sheer? >> pants that glow in the dark. >> reporter: glow-in-the-dark pants. that's what i'm talking about? >> and you can print the money. >> reporter: that's called counterfeiting. and you go to jail for the rest
8:36 am
of your life. if you do that. >> what? >> that's illegal. >> what about a money machine? >> or a tree that makes money. my wife believes i have one many my backyard. >> you do? >> reporter: no, i don't. >> oh. >> we can have a rocket skateboard. >> reporter: a rocket skateboard. >> oh. >> a rocket on the side of you. and you hit a button. and you go zoom. >> reporter: who thinks barack obama's going to win for president again? hands go down. what should barack obama do if he wants to win for president again? >> say if you elect me as the president, i'll help you find a job and everything. >> reporter: here's the last question, how do you feel about the future in america? how are things going to be when you're my age? >> it might be very, very good. >> i feel that the future's going to be better, with more jobs for people. >> reporter: raymond, are you
8:37 am
going to be smiling in the future? >> yeah. >> reporter: who thinks we're going to bring america back? good. i like the hope. do you think she'll do it as president? >> yes. >> thank you. >> they're beautiful kids. they're getting a great education. thank you to immaculate conception. it's good to hear from dids. you get how much they're getting from home. and they have some answers. people trying to find the way out of the recession. >> i like that. glow-in-the-dark pants for everybody. chris, that was terrific. thank you very much. let's go back out to sam and the weather. [ cheers and applause ] >> no. not telling you, ladies and gentlemen. no. where are you from? >> we're from northern california. >> and why am i covered in your feathers? >> because, it's my birthday. >> that's right. happy birthday.
8:38 am
we're glad you are here. you brought her from what town? >> fremont. >> that's an easy one. i ask you the easy one. and you clinch. you clinch on the easy question. >> it took me a long time to get here. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about as you look outside your door. here's our facebook pictures this morning. love this picture from deerfield, mass. that's my favorite shade of all of fall right there. thanks for sending it in. 77 in portland. 77 in l.a. we're having that pesky fog problem. even sacramento is slightly have cooler. and wet weather moves into the northwest, by the end of the weekend. it stays chilly and damp in the northeast, even though today is mostly dry. by tomorrow, we have som
8:39 am
>> all that weather is brought to you by united health care. now, it's back to -- >> george. >> very nice. >> thank you. when we come back,
8:40 am
8:41 am
in for a real treat now. laila ali is here. she, of course, is the daughter of muhammad ali, who became a boxing champion, in her own
8:42 am
right. undefeated record. now, she's the host of a brand-new show seen on abc stations all around the country. "everyday health." laila, good to have you back with us. you did not have a baby six months ago. >> i did. i'm so excited about that. >> you're looking great. and you have a baby in this show, "everyday health." what can you tell us about it? >> i'm excited to be hosting the new show. and "everyday health" we focus on individuals who are ordinary but doing extraordinary things. most people on the show have been through a health crisis or they're close to someone who has. and they're paying it forward by helping to inspire and educate others. >> and we have an example of that right now in this clip of "everyday health." >> before we do that, i have one more thing. lauren? >> lauren? ♪
8:43 am
>> hi. >> oh, my god. oh, my goodness. >> lauren? >> oh, my goodness. >> all right. i thought i would bring in my friend lauren potter. you might recognize her from "glee." >> that was the sparkles cheerleading squad, which is a program for girls with disabilities, to be able to cheer lead. and other girls who are cheerleaders put the squads together. >> and their hero, lauren, comes walking in like that. as we said, you have a growing family. how old is curtis now? >> curtis is 3. >> wow. how do you balance everything with a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old? >> it's a lot of work. and every now, i have to remind myself. come on, champ.
8:44 am
be the champ now. basically, i have to put my priorities in order. family comes first. >> health is very important. >> oh, yes. health is very important. and priorities in order. not spreading myself too thin. >> you're busy. you're very active. i know you have been working with the kidney association. >> the american kidney fund. i partnered with them. they have a new parent campaign. it's a campaign to make people aware of kidney disease. people don't know that 31 million americans are affected by kidney disease. there's something that we can prevent, you want to educate yourself about it. find out if you're at risk. and then, spread the word about it. you can go that by logging on to >> how is your dad doing? >> he's happy i'm doing the
8:45 am
show. he's happy i'm part of "everyday health" the new show, where we celebrate philanthropy. and people who have a story and want to logon and possibly be a part of the show, they can go to >> what did you learn from your dad about facing a health challenge straight-on? >> my dad has taught me to be strong, overcome it and to give back. i don't necessarily do the things that he chose to do. but i've been doing things my own way. and part of what i'm doing, being a part of the show, there's so many other things i could be doing, robin. but i like to be involved with health and fitness and help this world be a better place. and help people live happier, healthier lives. >> you can see laila's new show, "everyday health" on abc stations all around the country. kick it outside to josh. >> time, now, our first-after "gma"/"the chew" grab bag challenge. team robin.
8:46 am
team george. they have five minutes to cook what is in these bags. take a look, guys. they're seeing this for the very first time. as they take a look, we're going to start the clock right now. five minutes from right now. guys, start cooking, when we return. we'll find out what they're looking.
8:47 am
8:48 am
welcome back. welcome back. we're about 2 1/2 minutes out. team george over here. team iron chef. team robin over here. team top chef. michael, take me through right now what you have in the bag and what you're looking to do. >> i want to make sure that daphne and i, got recipes out here. we have cucumbers and tofi for daphne. we're going to take a croissant,
8:49 am
with tofu and apple. >> that sounds devine. carla, talk to me? robin's working on the cheese. >> yes. >> clinton is watching robin work on the cheese. what is happening? >> what we're going to do is some stuffed french toast. here we go. we're going to stuff our french toast with -- >> what is this, did you say? >> we're going to use a brioche bread. and then we're going to stuff some french toast. okay. we're going to stuff this. >> looking good. looking good. >> i like that. >> okay. just make a little pocket. >> we have about a minute and a half. >> minute and a half. get it done. >> he's over here. what are you going to be doing with the cheetos? >> now, stuff it with the ham. a minute left. >> to get the french toast
8:50 am
tooking. there's no french toast cooking. and it's not stopped. we're going down to the wire. lara and sam, two of our three judges, what do you have with you, today? >> diane from louisville. >> yes. >> what are you looking for? >> we like everything. we talked about it. we like the idea of everything. i don't know what the flavors are going to be like. clinton's injured himself. he's not able to participate. he's out. we're one man down. >> one man down. this is interesting, george. >> and we have cheetos. >> i'm excited for cheetos. >> this is good. team george is already plating. nothing on the plate with carla. tick, tick. it's coming down. >> we got this. we got it. >> here we go. the final ten seconds. that is going to cook, carla. get it on the plate.
8:51 am
get it on the plate. get it on the plate. and that's it. put the utensils down. utensils down. all right. let's get the food over to the judges. right out of the chute, i can tell you, team george -- yes, you can. >> i cut my finger. >> that's good to know. >> now, chef michael, what will they be trying right now? >> they're going to have a little sandwich for everybody. a tofu ham sandwich, with cucumber apple law is, and chee-tos for crunch. we have the apple for chew. and the cue uh come pers for george. >> this is a pick it up and taste. what do you think? >> with soy and mustard. >> that's good. very good. >> that's good.
8:52 am
all right. 45 seconds. let's get -- that's from iron chef. george, you got a very good team. very well done. now, we have some stuffed french toast. it's brioche. a little egg on top. get in there. get in there. >> okay. i'm going to go with this one. >> we have -- >> you all are cheating. >> that's brioche. herbs and a little bit of egg on top. >> all right. >> sorry about that. >> looks like it might be a tie. it looks like it might be a tie. check out "the chew." i'm sure they'll be
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
the competition, there will be just one winner? will it be team george? or will it be team robin?
8:56 am
diane, our celebrity judge. >> both teams did really well. but it was the cheetos. team george. >> it was the cheetos. >> the power of chee-tos. how about that? >> never underestimate it. >> we're always online at twitter and facebook. a big day coming up on monday. judgment day for amanda knox. special edition on "gma." all the coverage, live from the courtroom in italy. have a great weekend.
8:57 am
partly cloudy to mostly sunny morning depending on your location. 66 chestertown. 62 bellaire. a pair of 64s from ann arundel county from glendale to annapolis. columbia and mount era at that mark. and still 59 degrees in some places. we will get a warm wind surge out of the southwest. here is the deal. check out the circulation back there across the upper midwest. would we have ourselves a look at the frontal boundary moving through western maryland and a solid shield of clouds but not much moisture left with this thing and the leading edge cool air. they are are pulling the stronger winds ahead of it and it is not a windy day, definitely a warmer day as we get back into the mid-70s. and with that in mind, adding some moisture in the afternoon, with the prime time heating and in fact, the front, we may get some showers and storms to develop south of the bay bridge, lower eastern shore but the cold air is really what we're focusing on, to filter in as we head through tonight and tomorrow. a basically partly cloudy day and a chance of showers with the
8:58 am
cold pocket of air that slides through with extra energy overnight at day break and there may be snowflakes mixed in with the mountains to the west and some of the snow may be sticking at the ski resorts. baltimore, northbound, we could have some thunderstorms with the cold air. and highs in the 50s. maybe some small hail mixed in because of the low freezing levels. south of baltimore, diminished chance of showers. threatening all day long. sunday, we will be looking at mostly cloudy skies. and temperatures held down because of the cooler winds and maybe even some showers around for the ravens game, kickoff at 8:20 in the evening. and 75 today. enjoy. it shower, eastern shore, more showers by day break tomorrow. 48. and on and off showers through the weekend. with highs saturday and sunday. back to the 50s.
8:59 am

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